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May 2016
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Since Rotary International has no theme designated for the month of May, it is a great time to highlight membership.  While we constantly hear about the dire situation of membership in North America, it is important to note that there are Rotary Clubs right here in District 5470 that are excellent at growing membership and retaining members.  When asked to explain their success, these clubs always point to a number of factors.  Some of the factors include, a well thought out strategic plan, a membership growth goal, a system and an action plan for recruiting new members, a system and an action plan for retaining members, and a system and an action plan for keeping long-time members engaged.
If a club is facing challenges with recruiting, some questions that should be addressed are:
  1. Is our meeting location inviting and welcoming?
  2. Do our members warmly welcome prospective members?
  3. Do our members have cliques?
  4. Are our meetings stimulating and fun?
  5. Is our membership diverse by age and gender?
  6. If a meal is served, is it well prepared and a good value?
  7. If a meal is served, should it be eliminated and not have a meal?
  8. Is the meeting time appropriate for potential members?
  9. Would a satellite offer additional opportunities for membership?
If a club is facing challenges with retention, some questions that should be addressed are:
  1. Do we have an adequate recruiting system to inform prospective members of the club EXPECTATIONS for members?
  2. Does our club induct new members with a solemn ceremony?
  3. Does our club offer inductees the opportunity to invite a family member for the occasion?
  4. Do we have an orientation program that provides club and Rotary information?
  5. Do we assign an experience club member to MENTOR new members?
  6. Does our club keep new and long-time members engaged with social events, useful projects, and other fun activities that have the ability to include family members?
To those clubs in District 5470 that are growing, congratulations!  To those clubs that face challenges with membership growth and retention, please give some thought to the previous questions and create a plan to grow your membership.  It will make meetings, socials, and projects much more interesting.
Rotaryroundup5470 is another name for the annual District Conference.  It is not too late to register and this is an event like no other.  You will discover great networking, interesting presenters and useful Rotary information.  Go to rotaryroundup5470.com for complete details, lodging opportunities, a schedule of events, AND amazing Father’s Day activities.  A link to the registration page is just to the left in the "Upcoming Events Registration" section of the column.  The linked paged will ask for a login but it is not required for registration.  The completion of the login merely prefills your name and club information.  See you all June 17 and 18 in Grand Junction and the outdoor paradise of the Western Slope.
Rotary Club Central Resources
Does your club need help using Rotary Club Central? New resources have been added to the learning center to assist club leaders in setting goals. Visit learn.rotary.org and search “Rotary Club Central”. You will find updated reference guides, planning sheets, and videos to assist you and your clubs in making the most of Rotary Club Central.

K.R. Ravindran’s life has been molded by family, country, and Rotary. Serving as Rotary president is his way of giving back to each of them.
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Rotary District 5470 #RotaryRoundup 2016
June 17 and 18, 2016
Colorado Mesa University
Grand Junction
Renew old friendships and connect with new friends
  Share Projects and Ideas
  Enjoy Local Activities                               
Grand Junction is the place to be June 17th  and 18th in 2016.  Celebrate the  recognition of the achievement of the Rotary Clubs and Rotarians of District 5470.  Click REGISTRATION for more details.
Many lodging options will be available.  Choices include your choice of local hotels/motels, RV Park, and Rotarian Home Stays. COUNTRY JAM IS THIS WEEKEND SO GO TO THE LODGING PAGE NOW!!

The Rotary Leadership Institute
Summer and Fall Courses Offered by District 5470

District 5470 has become one of the newest partners with the Rotary Leadership Institute!  We have trained 25 facilitators from our District and are ready to offer the brand new 2015-18 version of the RLI curriculum to you.  This program teaches the essence of leadership skills along with an strong knowledge of Rotary.  It has a limited lecture component but includes an abundance of class discussion and sharing along with interactive experiences to help you develop your leadership skills.

We are offering the new District RLI training on the following schedule and providing a boxed lunch on Saturday:

Friday, June 17 (Day that Rotary Roundup (District Conference) begins –
    Grand Junction - Bray Real Estate Office
    Part I - 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

Friday, September 23 and 24 – Colorado Springs - Rockrimmon Library     
    Part I - Friday 1 to 5:30 pm & Saturday 10:30 to 11:30.      
    Part II – Saturday 11:30 am to 5:00 pm

Friday, October 14 and 15 – Montrose - Delta/Montrose Electric Association
    Part I - Friday 1 to 6 pm & Saturday 9:30 am to 11 am
    Part II – Saturday 9:30 to 3:30 pm

Registration fee is $40 per session to cover notebooks, printing, and food.
If taking both Part I and II, fee is a total of $80.  Registration is at rotary5470.org.


Message from the Newly formed International Service Committee

Dear District 5470 Rotarians,
The purpose of this letter is to introduce you to a new district committee called International Service Committee. We are working within the Global Grants Sub-committee and would like to propose two ways we can assist your club in “Doing Good in the World” (Arch Klumph, Past Rotary International President, founder of The Rotary Foundation, 1917). The purpose of the Committee is to help District Clubs wanting to be involved in International Service Projects navigate the intricacies of the Global Grant process by .....
The Rotary Foundation turns 100 in 2016-17! Our Foundation stands at the forefront of humanitarian service, having supported thousands of projects to provide clean water, fight disease, promote peace, and support basic education — as well as the historic initiative dedicated to eradicating polio worldwide.

 D-5470 is now on Facebook!
An opportunity for Rotarians and clubs to share news of their activities with the rest of D-5470. 



As most of you have discovered by now, RI has a new website. It's a two-part site - one for non-Rotarians who want to find out about Rotary, and one for Rotarians. Especially the part for Rotarians is difficult to navigate. RI has finally produced a few video tutorial and here is the link to the one for Rotarians: http://vimeo.com/73963261