2018 35th Annual High Country PETS

35th Annual High Country PETS
A Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska Workshop for Rotary Club Presidents-Elect in Districts 5390-5440-5450-5470-5630
PETS 2018
March 2‐4, 2018
35th Annual High Country
Presidents‐Elect Training Seminar
Experience thought provoking speakers as you learn more about Rotary and meet your Rotary-year classmates.
2018 PETS is designed to better prepare
2018-19 and 2019-20 Club Presidents for their presidential year.The Multi-District 2018 HIGH COUNTRY PETS is designed to teach you how to effectively and efficiently run a Rotary Club.

Incoming Presidentsbreakout sessions will be focused to provide :
  •  help to confidently assume the leadership role of Club President. n the necessary tools to run your Club.
  •  how to prepare for your year.
  • how to invigorate your membership. Presidents-elect Nominee—special sessions March 2-4:
  • helpful information for the year leading up to your presidency. Assistant Governors - position specific training each day of PETS.
Denver Renaissance Hotel
3801 Quebec Street
Denver, CO 80207 Directions: 1-70, Quebec Street Exit, Turn south, stay far right on to Smith Road access
For schedules and to register, visit your District 5479 Website (http://rotary5470.org/) Site Page - Club Presidents & PETS Materials  or go to: www.HighCountryPETS.org