Do your Club Executives need any assistance
on the following ClubRunner tasks?
Click on Link to view the recorded one hour ClubRunner webinar for club administration or any one who wants more skills with ClubRunner!
Especially great for: Club Presidents, President-Elects and Secretaries
Topics include:
- How to access the District website
- How to manage your membership information (Updates, Additions, Terminations)
- How to turn on RI Integration (We will explain the differences between and ClubRunner)
- How to manage Privacy Settings for Integration
- How to use the Compare & Sync took for Integration
- How to enter month end totals for attendance
Again, Click on the link and view this helpful recorded one hour ClubRunner webinar for club administrators!  
Happy Training District 5470!
Linda Avery, Telluride Rotary Club
District Trainer, Rotary District 5470
970-596-4791 (c)