We welcome a NEW Operational Manager to the District!
The Governors Line, under the direction of DGN Sam Kevan, worked with AG Whitney Smythe-Smith in developing a job description and hiring process to resource a dedicated professional to assist the G-Line and District Members with critical tasks and services that will make our District better!  Rotary District leaders change out every year, and keeping continuity of our programs, the District Staff and our processes is a daunting tasks for any leader!  Joey will be instrumental helping with all this and more!  
Joey was selected from among 9 candidates, and 4 interviews as the Rotarian that had the best skills, knowledge and attributes to fill this key role. Mrs. Boese is a long time Rotarian in the Black Canyon Rotary club in Montrose.  She is a native of Ft. Garland, Colorado and is an experienced higher education administrator.
As membership chair for the Black Canyon club, Joey loves getting to know each incoming member during their onboarding process. She believes
" I heard someone say curiosity creates connection. I truly believe this. I love learning about others, asking questions about daily routines, influential books, creating habits, etc. I look forward to Rotary gatherings because we are a group of active minded individuals who are stronger together, creating impact in our communities, and supporting each other as we grow. I'm excited to serve as operations manager to the District, to foster connections between Rotarians across our district, and to establish processes in support of the great work we do as Rotarians." 
Please help us welcome our new District 5470 Operations Manager!
COVID19 Community Support Program
Click on the Picture above for the District Funds Request Form!
We have two items for you as you prepare your application for the CCSP funds:
1.  Only MS Word documents or PDF's will be accepted.  NO PHOTOS!!  NO TEXTS!!
2.  The deadline for submission is 5:00 pm  Friday, February 12, 2021
It's acceptable for your club to join forces with another club ( or two or three) !!
Please Celebrate and Congratulate!!!!
The Rotary Club of Trinidad was recognized as the outstanding small club (less than 50 members) in District 5470 for the 2019-2020 Rotary year.
PDG David Wood presented the J.E. Chenoweth banner to
Club President Janna Remington &
Immediate Past President Shirley Donachy.
Calling ALL President Elects & President Elect Nominees!
A Holiday Message from the District Governor
Fellow Rotarians,
The end of another calendar year is approaching.  To say 2020 has been uneventful would be the largest understatement of the all time.  All 57 Rotary Clubs in our district have worked extremely hard to maintain the values of Rotary within their communities and around the world.  Those efforts by each of you has not gone unnoticed and speaks volumes about your success in placing Service Above Self.  Thanks to every one of you for your gallant efforts.
Standing behind or sometimes alongside of us is a family member or friend who has given their full support and understanding to you and  Rotary’s mission.  Each of us knows who they are, and I am asking you to thank them from the bottom of your hearts for their unwavering support.  They are the unsung heroes of Rotary and should be recognized for all the work they do for Rotary.
We are in the very heart of the Holiday Season so Pam and I would like to wish all of you and yours best wishes for the happiest of  holiday seasons and I know we all will be glad to enter a new year!
Please stay safe, stay healthy and stay ROTARY STRONG!
Yours in Rotary Service,
Rotary District 5470
Rotary International Announces the Annual Report!
Your commitment to creating positive, lasting change enables The Rotary Foundation to make a difference and improve lives around the world every day. In this new year, The Rotary Foundation is poised to increase our transformative impact because of your support. You are the first to step up and take action, which is why we are excited for you to be the first to see Rotary's 2019-20 Annual Report.

This year's report highlights the innovative ways we are keeping the Rotary spirit alive during these challenging times. You will read about how Rotary is making a difference through the global grants program, hear from fellow donors about their reasons for giving, and see how we prioritize our role as a trusted steward of fiscal resources. We are proud to showcase the life-changing impact you make possible.

The progress of our collective effort captured in these pages is an inspiration. Thank you for all that you do to move us forward to a stronger future.


John Hewko
General Secretary and Chief Executive Officer
Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation
Rotary is adding a 7th area for work and service in the world!
Environment is our 7th area of focus!
Dear district Foundation chairs and grants, scholarships, and vocational training teams subcommittee chairs:

We are moving forward on Rotary’s new area of focus! You can now find more information about how we’ll protect the environment in the updated Area of Focus Policy Statements.

This new cause empowers Rotary members to address specific issues that have detrimental effects on the environment comprehensively and opens an opportunity to build on the environmental work we’re already doing in our communities.

The RI Board and Rotary Foundation Trustees added the environment as an official cause earlier this year, and clubs and districts can apply for global grants in this area beginning 1 July 2021. I encourage everyone who wants to apply for a global grant to carefully review the policy statements to ensure that their proposed projects are eligible.

Learn more about protecting the environment. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Doing Good in the World.


Abby McNear
Director of Grants
The Rotary Foundation
The Russia - USA Intercountry Rotary Committee is looking for volunteers!
By action of the Rotary District 5470 Board of Directors, the District is now a member of the U.S.-Russia Intercountry Committee.  This enables members and clubs to participate in this great Rotary community. What is an “intercountry committee”? An intercountry committee (ICC) promotes contact between districts and clubs in two or more countries and increases fellowship and intercultural understanding among the people of various nations.  ICC’s operate under the Rotary Manual of Procedures.
In the more than 28 years of Rotary in Russian, including 11 years of the U.S.-Russia ICC, well over $1M in more than 30 District and Global grants have been completed. As the new year starts, there are over 23 active U.S. Districts and many more clubs and supporters. Russia is “one district” covering 11 time zones.  There are 74 clubs and 2 e-clubs from eastern Europe to the Pacific Ocean.
The U.S. Russia ICC supports intercountry friendship exchanges, youth exchanges, Watch & Learn internships, joint medical projects, Peace poles/park benches, humanitarian projects and collaboration with other organizations. The ICC conducts monthly digital meeting on the 4th Thursday of the month that are open to interested parties. 
The Board of Directors of District 5470 has designated George Small, PDG, the District Coordinator and makes all clubs and Rotarians, participants in this extension of Rotary.  George is an ICC Board Member and Secretary of the ICC. Information of meetings and activities will be posted on Facebook and the D5470 website. If you have a particular interest, as an individual or club, please contact George Small, PDG at keoki@bresnan.net or 719-429-6580.

November 1st, 2020

As Pam and I wrap up our ninth week of travels around our district, we have seen so many beautiful parts of our great state and met so many incredibly special Rotarians.  From the eastern plains, where we wondered what the pioneers must have thought as they moved west, and then saw the Rocky Mountains, to the mountains themselves rising above the plains to the heavens above, and then to the magnificent plateaus and mesas of the western slope, all contained within our Rotary District, and all filled with Rotarians who believe whole heartedly in Service Above Self.  

It has been so heartwarming to visit with Rotarians that have been so instrumental to the well being of their communities through the myriad of programs designed to make life in their communities so much better.  Whether their programs help the local community or connect the world through peace and understanding, the dedication displayed by Rotarians and their clubs was utterly amazing and uplifting.  To all our new Rotarian friends, and to the wide variety of Rotary Clubs we have visited, thank you!   Please stay safe, stay healthy, and stay Rotary Strong!

Yours in Rotary Service,
Governor, Rotary District 5470
Colorado Springs Club President Interviewed for World Wide Discussion on Accountability and Inclusion
Colorado Springs Club President Rodney Gullatte. JR. took part in a Rotary International Panel of Rotarians to discuss how Rotary can be a more accountable and inclusive organization!  This interview had world wide viewers and we salute President Gullatte's service and excellence in representing our District, the United States and Rotary so nobly.